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Hello, and welcome to my personal web site!  My name is Michael Graber, and the purpose of posting this website are:

1.  To build my personal brand - everyone has to make a living in this world (well almost everyone).  I have learned how important it is to have a personal brand visible to individuals I interact with (personal and business).  This site/blog is my first step in developing my public brand.

2.  To share my ideas and experiences - I want to share my ideas as a way I can give back to others...helping them avoid mistakes or encourage opportunities they may not have considered before.

Please know that my ideas carry no warranty (expressed or implied).  My hope is in reading these things, you might benefit personally or professionally.  Also note that I have not enabled comments on my site.  If you would like to send me your thoughts or ideas and start up a dialog, please visit my contact page.

I wish you the very best!