5 traits of successful people

Over the years, I have compiled a list of traits that I find all successful people have. I try my best to live up to all of these, but of course it is a daily struggle. 

1. Time perspective - A successful person always balances decisions over the short and long term…always careful to balance the needs/wants of today with the impact of those decisions years down the road. 

2. Delayed gratification - A successful person is able to balance giving up something good today for something better tomorrow. I know people who are ruled by thier emotions…never able to sacrifice what they want today for what they know to be best for them long term. I also know people who invest/save to a point where they never enjoy today and stop and “smell the roses”. 

3. Doing what you say - This seems so fundamental, and yet it is a constant battle for most people. If you commit to doing something, follow through and do it. They key is to only commit to what you can reasonably do. Saying “yes” to everything means you will over commit and under deliver. Learning to skillfully say “no” is a wonderful gift. My favorite technique is to say “yes to the request”, and “no to the now”. 

4. Ability to self analyze - A successful person puts themselves on the operating table of self analysis…not only asking what they can do better, but putting an improvement plan in place and executing on it. Taking constructive criticism is perhaps the hardest thing in the world to do, and yet it is what we need to grow. Fools are consistently ignorant to their faults. 

5. Strategic relationships - A successful person strategically surrounds themselves with people who make themselves better. A successful person will seek out relationships with high-caliber individuals, and invest in those relationships. They key is identifying people with depth…not just people who make you feel good. Once the relationship is built, it is like a garden that must be tended to…with lots of TLC. 

A common theme in all of these traits is balance…extremes are seldom good.

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